Communicate internally with Messenger:

An easy-to-use internal communications tool to help keep your staff in the loop.

  • Private internal staff communication tool
  • Post messages and announcements
  • Set up notifications


Communicate externally with InTouch:

Communicate with parents, students and staff.

  • Email and sms functions
  • Segment groups for relevant communication


Access a complete 360 of your learners in the Infobase:

Everything you need to know about your school’s students, parents and staff in one safe secure space.

  •  Quick and easy to navigate data.
  • Easy access
  • Record attendance, academic performance and behaviour


Everyone knows where they need to be with OnTime:

Capture timetables, school events, sports practices and more!

  • Personalised student and staff calendars
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile calendar apps
  • Updates reflect in real-time


Keep parents updated with the Parent Portal:

Schools can keep families up to speed with their children’s’ activities on Parent Portal – a separate site for parents.

  • Share school events, announcements, tasks, reports.
  • Share unique content with parents
  • Incorporate school’s branding


Track, analyse and report on student Attendance:

It’s quick and easy to take class attendance and administrators can easily see which classes haven’t completed their capture.

  • No duplication or manual uploads required.
  • Save time and effort
  • Immediate access to school-wide data


Simple, flexible and powerful Assessment:

Flexible assessment tools to cater to a variety of assessment schemes including CAPS, Cambridge and others.

  • The only assessment system needed.
  • Track and analyse learner’s academic performance.
  • Customise reports.


Track, share and act on student Behaviour:

It’s easy to capture and share information about learner behaviour with staff and parents.

  • Automate your school’s behaviour policies
  • Keep a record of each learner throughout the year.
  • Track a learner’s behaviour alongside his/her academic performance.


Our unparalleled support service is on hand to help you to successfully use Staffroom at your school.

  • Unlimited support.
  • Online or telephonic support.
  • Access our online support manual here.

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