We do our best to ensure that your queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


All Staffroom clients have access to our unlimited unbeatable support service as part of their subscription.  Unlike the support you get from other companies, we don’t place any limits on the number of times you can use of our support service.  Even better, our support team doesn’t just provide advice, but also hands on help with Staffroom configuration as well!

Staffroom Support includes…

  • Phone and email support
  • Available during South African business hours
    • 8am until 5pm Monday to Thursday
    • 8am to 4pm on Friday
  • Responses are provided to all queries within 8 business hours
  • Hands on configuration changes and updates to your site 

Providing unlimited unbeatable support to all our Staffroom school clients is quite a lot of work at times.  Why not put limits on our support service like everyone else does?  We know that great support is an essential part of making sure you are successful with Staffroom (which means you’ll be more likely to stay with us – which is what we want).


The Staffroom onboarding service has been carefully designed to help get your school up and running smoothly.  All new Staffroom clients get the benefit of this service which includes:

  • Role based training for all school staff
  • Help setting up your new Staffroom site
  • Migration / conversion of current learner data*

* Migration and conversion subject to data access and availability.  Typically, only current learner and family biographical information is migrated.


Staffroom is easy to use, but you’ll still need to be shown around!  Our role-based training helps your school staff find out what they need to know so they can do the work important to them.  Someone from our friendly Staffroom team will deliver this training face to face, at your school, and at times that suit you.  We also don’t charge per seat, so you can send everyone along (because we think it’s better if everyone who is going to use Staffroom gets trained).


We know that Staffroom’s not going to be what you want “out of the box” and that’s why an important part of our onboarding service is helping you set it up.  During the onboarding and training we’ll provide insight and advice to help you understand the choices you can make and what will work best for your school.  Once you’ve decided how you’d like it, we’ll help you do the initial setup and make sure that things are the way you need them.


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Telephone Number: 0870953444

Support Website: support.mystaffroom.net

Support Email:  support@mystaffroom.net

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