New Terms and Policies for POPIA and GDPR Compliance

Over the past few months we have been busy with our lawyers completing a thorough review of all of our terms and conditions including updates for compliance with POPIA and GDPR. 

Our new terms and conditions are now available on our website here:

On this page you will find:

  • Terms and Conditions – are our general terms that govern our relationship with you and how we offer certain services such as onboarding and support services.
  • Privacy Policy – which tells you how we process data about you / your school as a client.  We collect this information about you / your school and may share it within our group of companies for sales and marketing purposes.
  • Data Processing Agreement – which tells you how we process data that you / your school collects from parents and students and put into your Staffroom site.  We do not share this data and only use it to provide the Staffroom service to you / your school.
  • PAIA Manual and Form – this describes how we comply with law that governs access to data and provides details for how data can be requested from us.

Please note that the Data Processing Agreement is the document that governs how we process student and parent data in your Staffroom site, not the Privacy Policy.  Also, please note that our main obligation under POPIA and GDPR is keeping the data in your Staffroom site secure, but your school also has obligations under POPIA as the “responsible party” so you may want to seek legal advice about this.

We do seek to make our terms and conditions transparent and easy to understand, but they are still written in legalese and may be difficult to follow at times. We are happy to discuss any concerns that you or your school has so please get in touch with our support team via if you would like to discuss anything with us.