Going Green: How Emailing Reports with Staffroom Benefits Schools 

In today’s digital age, schools are discovering the advantages of transitioning from printing reports to emailing them. This shift saves costs, reduces environmental impact, and enhances accessibility and efficiency. With Staffroom, schools can seamlessly integrate this digital approach into their administrative processes, simplifying reporting at the end of each term. 

Here’s how Staffroom helps schools embrace the benefits of emailing reports: 

Cost Savings: Printing and distributing reports can be costly for schools. With Staffroom, schools can save money by eliminating paper, ink, and printing equipment expenses. 

Environmental Sustainability: Schools that email reports instead of printing them reduce their paper consumption and contribute to environmental sustainability. Staffroom encourages eco-friendly practices by promoting digital communication. 

Accessibility: With Staffroom’s email feature, reports are easily accessible to parents, teachers, and administrators. This ensures that Parents stay informed about students’ progress, even if they cannot attend in-person meetings. 

Efficiency: Staffroom streamlines the reporting process, saving time and effort for school staff. Schools can efficiently share important information with stakeholders by automating report distribution via email. 

Security: Staffroom prioritises data security. Staffroom makes it simple for schools to email reports to parents and guardians at the end of each term. With just a few clicks, administrators and teachers can send comprehensive reports, keeping parents informed about students’ academic performance and progress. 

By leveraging Staffroom’s email functionality, schools can streamline their reporting processes, save costs, reduce environmental impact, enhance accessibility, and improve efficiency. With Staffroom, reporting at the end of each term becomes a seamless and straightforward task, allowing schools to focus on what matters most: providing a quality education for their students. 

If you’re an existing customer and would like to use the email feature, please contact our support team; we will help you set it up. 

Revealing New Features and Enhancements

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news from the Staffroom Software team! As we embark on this journey together, we are delighted to share a sneak peek into what is in store for the year ahead. Get ready to elevate your experience with Staffroom through many improvements and new features!


In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we are committed to refining and elevating every side of our products, with a primary focus on:

Enhanced Security Measures:
Anticipate robust updates to our security infrastructure for a safer and more secure environment.


Get ready for a wave of new features that will broaden the capabilities of our products and bring about exciting possibilities:

Assessment Audit Trail: 

Enhance user accountability through easy tracking and a detailed history of modifications, ensuring data integrity.

Finance Module: 

Integration with Xero, Pastel, and Sage Online for a seamless connection between academic and financial functionalities. Introducing Payments Integration for streamlined financial transactions.


Generate various reports based on student information, academic performance, and enrollment trends.

Online Registrations:

Simplifying processes for your convenience.


We are not stopping there! We are also making significant improvements to existing features to enhance your experience:

Parent Portal Enhancements:

Seamlessly edit your information with enhanced account management. Parents can now update their own information via the Parent Portal, which will feed directly through to Staffroom.

Intouch Module Improvements:

  • Scheduled Messaging and Email System for efficient communication planning.
  • Communication Preferences to respect individual choices.
  • Dual Recipient Messaging for simultaneous communication.
  • Variable Insertion in Messages for personalized communication.
  • Targeted Messaging for effective communication with specific groups.

Assessment Module:

  • Auto-Expanding Input Boxes.
  • Staff, Tutor Groups, and Assessment Group Signatures.
  • Archiving Single Student Reports.
  • Upload Documents with Reports.

We are genuinely excited about these upcoming enhancements and features, and we cannot wait to share them with you! Your role in the Staffroom Software community is invaluable, and we deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

As we roll out these updates, we will keep you informed every step of the way and provide comprehensive documentation to ensure a smooth transition.

Introducing the Markbook Audit Trail in Staffroom’s Assessment Module!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a powerful new tool within the Staffroom Assessment Module – the Markbook Audit Trail! This feature is designed to bring a new level of transparency, control, and accountability to your experience with student marks and markbook settings.


The Markbook Audit Trail is your go-to tool for tracking and recording student marks and markbook settings changes. It ensures that the right individuals can access specific settings, promoting user accountability and system security. This feature was developed in response to your valuable feedback, reflecting Staffroom’s commitment to meeting user needs and enhancing platform functionality.

Key Goals:

  1. Administer Changes: Users can now administer alterations to assessment markbook settings, promoting control and security.
  2. User Empowerment: This aligns with our goal of empowering users to manage and control their own sites, reducing reliance on support.
  3. User Accountability: Ensures that the right individuals have access to the right settings, fostering accountability among users.
  4. Clarity and Transparency: This system provides a clear record of changes made to marks and markbook settings, enhancing transparency.
  5. Ease of Correction: In case of errors or necessary adjustments, users can swiftly identify and rectify changes using the Audit Trail as a guiding tool.

What Can You Track with the Markbook Audit Trail?

  • Activities
  • Result Sets
  • Promotion Rules
  • Aggregate Results
  • Pass Type Rules
  • Other Changes (e.g., deleting, adding, and unlinking results; rounding settings; archiving and unarchiving results; and much more)

Learn more

How to Access the Markbook Audit Trail:

  1. Navigate to the Assessment Module.
  2. Select your Grade.
  3. Choose the Markbook for the specific subject.
  4. Click on the ‘Audit Trail’ button located in the top right section of the markbook.

Understanding the Audit Trail Table:

The Audit Trail is displayed in a table format, with key columns providing detailed insights into every change made. Learn more about the terminology of the Audit Trail Table here.

Get Started Today!

Empower yourself with the Markbook Audit Trail to enhance user control, transparency, and accountability in managing assessment markbook settings. It’s a game-changer that allows you to track changes independently, reducing the need for support requests and promoting a smoother user experience.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is ready to help! Explore our support help site guide for a step-by-step guide or contact our support team directly.

Thank you for being a valued part of the Staffroom community!

Sales and Client Care: jacqui@eiffelcorp.co.za 

Support: support@mystaffroom.net, 087 095 3444 / 021 782 2993 

Finance: renewals@eiffelcorp.co.za 

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Swartland School encountered challenges with their offline administration programme, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. Recognising the need for an online solution, they adopted Staffroom, an all-in-one programme catering to learners, teachers, parents, and admin personnel. Staffroom facilitated seamless communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling online interactions, assignment submissions, and progress tracking. The results were transformative, allowing simultaneous work from any location, efficient data input, and customisable report generation. Swartland expresses gratitude for Staffroom’s support and recommends it as their preferred school administration programme, emphasising its user-friendly interface and responsive team.

The Challenge

Before using Staffroom, we had an offline school administration programme. As time progressed, the programme did not cater to the new challenges, requirements, and changes in technology. We had to do all our administrative tasks, input of marks, preparation of reports at school. This had become tedious and time-consuming, leading to frustration and discontent. We soon became aware that we would have to move to an online system so that we may access our admin programme online, as it will give us the luxury of working from any place anytime we need to.

The Solution

Staffroom is an all-in-one programme that allows us to capture all the details of all our learners, teachers, parents, and admin personnel. The programme allows us to communicate with our parents and learners via the provided online functionality. Parents can be updated on all the latest news via SMS and e-mail directly from within the programme. Staffroom was a lifesaver during COVID-19 as we could immediately communicate with our parents and learners online, supplying work and assignments to them. Staffroom also allows parents to monitor their child’s academic progress, merits, de-merits (behaviour), and absenteeism.

The Results

This is exactly what we discovered on acquiring the functionality of Staffroom. We no longer must wait for our chance to work on the admin system. Everybody can now work in Staffroom at the same time. Marks can be typed in at any venue, and report comments can be done online in the luxury of your own home. Every class teacher is empowered to be in control of their own classes. Pre-prepared reports are always available. The report designer allows us to customise an array of reports and streamline the information that can be printed.



Established in 1976, Brackenfell High School addressed time challenges in administration by adopting Staffroom. With 1500 learners and 80 staff members, the school prioritised user-friendly solutions for their workload. Staffroom’s Infobase Module centralised data, enabling seamless work from any location, and the Intouch Module streamlined communication through SMS and email. This transformative impact allowed the school to refocus on its core mission of delivering quality education.

The Challenge

Before implementing Staffroom, the school faced the challenge of time-consuming information searches across multiple platforms, coupled with the manual recording of emails, SMS, and phone calls. This administrative burden impeded the efficient use of time dedicated to core educational activities. The introduction of Staffroom, a user-friendly system, alleviated these challenges by automating tasks and providing convenient access from home or mobile devices.

The Solution

Staffroom significantly enhanced information accessibility and communication recording, ensuring student and parent data is available effortlessly across devices. Its features facilitate both internal and external communication, consolidating essential information securely. The centralised Infobase Module streamlines reporting and communications by storing data for students, parents, and staff profiles. The Intouch module’s SMS and email communication, coupled with tracking capabilities, addresses the initial challenge of time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing Brackenfell High School to focus more efficiently on core educational responsibilities.

The Results

Staffroom has revolutionised student administration at Brackenfell High School, providing seamless access to comprehensive student information for all teachers. The online system allows educators to work flexibly from any location, be it home or on their phones. This eradicated the need for manual searches for medical certificates, detention information, contact details, or past academic records, as everything is now readily available at the click of a button on individual computers. The exceptional support from the Staffroom team efficiently addressed past challenges, fostering a smooth and responsive assistance system via email or phone. The evident satisfaction from Brackenfell High School showcases the tangible positive impact of Staffroom on their administrative efficiency

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The Settlers High School has been acknowledged as a leading school in the Allan Gray Circle of Excellence. At Settlers, they believe in a balanced approach to education, focusing on our four pillars of Academics, Sport, Pastoral Care and Culture, and it prides itself on offering wonderful opportunities for all who attend the school. However, they struggled to administer student, parent, and staff information effectively. To solve this, The Settlers High School partnered with Staffroom, an integrated software suite that helps your school collect, store and share all the information about learners, parents and staff.

The Challenge

The school could not administer student, parent, and staff information effectively. For an overall profile of the students, it was difficult to be able to get a complete overview to assess the student’s progress and intervene should the student have needed it. Capturing marks to CEMIS at times problematic in a sense of not being able to confirm calculations and results.

The Solution

The Staffroom SIS (Student Information System) supplied solutions to Settlers High School challenges in the form of modules. The Infobase module supplied an organized format for the student, parent and staff information allowing the parent and students to be linked to each other. The Infobase, Assess and Insight modules in Staffroom allowed for the exporting and printing of documents with student and parent information that can be submitted to the WCED.

The Results

Since using Staffroom, The Settlers High School has been able to record and store all the student information in one place, cutting down on the use of paper and files as information is stored on the system and can be shared effortlessly. They can communicate easily with parents and learners, and communication between the school and parent is kept under the profile of a learner which is also great for intervention record keeping.

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Bergvliet's Admin Needs



Bergvliet’s mission is to develop well-rounded individuals who will thrive in the diversity of South African society because they have been equipped with the necessary resources to do so. With Staffroom, an Eiffel Corp product, they’re able to achieve this. Staffroom has let Bergvliet High School operate as a modern school by securely centralising their school’s administration needs.

The Challenge

Prior to Staffroom, an Eiffel Corp product, Bergvliet’s previous product was not nearly as user-friendly and didn’t get a lot of the basics like these correct. It can also be added that the previous package was split into different modules which caused a lot of hassle as you would need to exit one program and log in to another to access different aspects of student information. Staffroom doesn’t suffer from this problem as it is one integrated website vs lots of smaller individual programs.

The Solution

Staffroom’s features make communication easy – both internally and externally. With easy access to all you need to know about your school’s learners, parents, and staff in one secure space. And the tools to plan and share schedules, assess learners and effortlessly pull up detailed reports.

The Results

Staffroom has let Bergvliet High School operate as a modern school by securely centralising our school’s administration needs. It is a piece of software that has become a very necessary tool in the arsenal needed to keep a modern school running. We have appreciated the measured pace of introducing new features as a sign that Staffroom isn’t just rushing to cram in new features but that a lot of thought goes first into developing and testing new features before, they are deployed. This has also led to a very stable platform that rarely has technical issues anymore and as such can generally be relied upon in a school context.

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Fairmont High School prioritises offering their learners an opportunity to create themselves through strong academic, cultural, supporting and leadership activities. To keep a record of all information regarding learners and their performance, Fairmont needed a system that will be effective. Their previous admin system did not allow for multiple-user access which was time-consuming and created difficult challenges to meet. However, Staffroom provided an all-in-one system for them, centralising all information about the learners and parents in one place.

The Challenge

Fairmont High School’s previous student admin system did not allow for multiple-user access. This meant that they had to enter all marks for all learners in a very short time span. It also meant that student information was not readily available to all members of staff. They could only access the system from one specific computer in the school building. This was time-consuming and created very challenging deadlines to meet.

The Solution

Staffroom offers effective accessibility with easy online web-based delivery enabling availability anytime, anywhere, & on any device with simple workflows that make administration, assessments and reporting easy and efficient while saving teachers time and effort. The Staffroom SIS (Student Information System) supplied solutions to Fairmont High School Challenges in the form of modules. The Infobase module supplied an organized format for the student, parent and staff information allowing the parent and students to be linked to each other.

The Result

Fairmont High School has walked the Staffroom journey for the past nine years and they haven’t looked back. What they like about the product is that for teachers it’s an admin-saver for enabling them to interact from any device, anywhere, to get the job done. Parents can track learners’ academic records throughout the term while being provided with a solid communication platform. A big positive for Fairmont is Staffroom’s excellent support channel with quick feedback and continuous development.

About Eiffel Corp

We have long-standing, trusted relationships with all 26 public universities and the largest private universities in South Africa and in addition, we are working with more than 450 other education institutions throughout Africa in empowering educators and learners to thrive. We are extremely proud of our ever-growing awards trophy cabinet and grateful for the recognition of the specialist work we deliver across Africa.


Claremont High School is an innovative Western Cape Education Department (WCED) school which strives to create an enabling and challenging environment focused on producing outstanding academic performance among pupils from backgrounds which do not typically allow access to the best quality education. They needed their information to be centralised and software that allows them to be able to access files from anywhere. The solution for their needs were Staffroom Accessibility which provided easy, online web-based delivery enabling availability anytime, anywhere, & on any device.

The Challenge

Information was not centralised – different files for student, parent and staff data, including email addresses, phone numbers, and student information. Claremont High School had to use an intranet to access a file to capture marks but had to be on the school premises to do so.

The Solution

Staffroom’s Infobase Module centralised all the information for students, parents and staff data kept on profiles which are easy to access and use for reports and communications. Having Staffroom allows users to be off-site to access all the data and capture marks for reporting purposes. This has made our teachers’ jobs easier and allowed us to accomplish our tasks more quickly

The Results

With Staffroom Claremont High is now able to access marksheets when they are not at school, unlike pre-Staffroom when they had them on a networked drive which required being in the building. They have centralised their marksheets from all the subjects. accessing student, staff and parent information has become quick and easy

About Eiffel Corp

We have long-standing, trusted relationships with all 26 public universities and the largest private universities in South Africa and in addition we are working with more than 450 other education institutions throughout Africa in empowering educators and learners to thrive. We are extremely proud of our ever-growing awards trophy cabinet and grateful for the recognition of the specialist work we deliver across Africa.