Swartland School encountered challenges with their offline administration programme, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. Recognising the need for an online solution, they adopted Staffroom, an all-in-one programme catering to learners, teachers, parents, and admin personnel. Staffroom facilitated seamless communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling online interactions, assignment submissions, and progress tracking. The results were transformative, allowing simultaneous work from any location, efficient data input, and customisable report generation. Swartland expresses gratitude for Staffroom’s support and recommends it as their preferred school administration programme, emphasising its user-friendly interface and responsive team.

The Challenge

Before using Staffroom, we had an offline school administration programme. As time progressed, the programme did not cater to the new challenges, requirements, and changes in technology. We had to do all our administrative tasks, input of marks, preparation of reports at school. This had become tedious and time-consuming, leading to frustration and discontent. We soon became aware that we would have to move to an online system so that we may access our admin programme online, as it will give us the luxury of working from any place anytime we need to.

The Solution

Staffroom is an all-in-one programme that allows us to capture all the details of all our learners, teachers, parents, and admin personnel. The programme allows us to communicate with our parents and learners via the provided online functionality. Parents can be updated on all the latest news via SMS and e-mail directly from within the programme. Staffroom was a lifesaver during COVID-19 as we could immediately communicate with our parents and learners online, supplying work and assignments to them. Staffroom also allows parents to monitor their child’s academic progress, merits, de-merits (behaviour), and absenteeism.

The Results

This is exactly what we discovered on acquiring the functionality of Staffroom. We no longer must wait for our chance to work on the admin system. Everybody can now work in Staffroom at the same time. Marks can be typed in at any venue, and report comments can be done online in the luxury of your own home. Every class teacher is empowered to be in control of their own classes. Pre-prepared reports are always available. The report designer allows us to customise an array of reports and streamline the information that can be printed.