Established in 1976, Brackenfell High School addressed time challenges in administration by adopting Staffroom. With 1500 learners and 80 staff members, the school prioritised user-friendly solutions for their workload. Staffroom’s Infobase Module centralised data, enabling seamless work from any location, and the Intouch Module streamlined communication through SMS and email. This transformative impact allowed the school to refocus on its core mission of delivering quality education.

The Challenge

Before implementing Staffroom, the school faced the challenge of time-consuming information searches across multiple platforms, coupled with the manual recording of emails, SMS, and phone calls. This administrative burden impeded the efficient use of time dedicated to core educational activities. The introduction of Staffroom, a user-friendly system, alleviated these challenges by automating tasks and providing convenient access from home or mobile devices.

The Solution

Staffroom significantly enhanced information accessibility and communication recording, ensuring student and parent data is available effortlessly across devices. Its features facilitate both internal and external communication, consolidating essential information securely. The centralised Infobase Module streamlines reporting and communications by storing data for students, parents, and staff profiles. The Intouch module’s SMS and email communication, coupled with tracking capabilities, addresses the initial challenge of time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing Brackenfell High School to focus more efficiently on core educational responsibilities.

The Results

Staffroom has revolutionised student administration at Brackenfell High School, providing seamless access to comprehensive student information for all teachers. The online system allows educators to work flexibly from any location, be it home or on their phones. This eradicated the need for manual searches for medical certificates, detention information, contact details, or past academic records, as everything is now readily available at the click of a button on individual computers. The exceptional support from the Staffroom team efficiently addressed past challenges, fostering a smooth and responsive assistance system via email or phone. The evident satisfaction from Brackenfell High School showcases the tangible positive impact of Staffroom on their administrative efficiency