Bergvliet's Admin Needs



Bergvliet’s mission is to develop well-rounded individuals who will thrive in the diversity of South African society because they have been equipped with the necessary resources to do so. With Staffroom, an Eiffel Corp product, they’re able to achieve this. Staffroom has let Bergvliet High School operate as a modern school by securely centralising their school’s administration needs.

The Challenge

Prior to Staffroom, an Eiffel Corp product, Bergvliet’s previous product was not nearly as user-friendly and didn’t get a lot of the basics like these correct. It can also be added that the previous package was split into different modules which caused a lot of hassle as you would need to exit one program and log in to another to access different aspects of student information. Staffroom doesn’t suffer from this problem as it is one integrated website vs lots of smaller individual programs.

The Solution

Staffroom’s features make communication easy – both internally and externally. With easy access to all you need to know about your school’s learners, parents, and staff in one secure space. And the tools to plan and share schedules, assess learners and effortlessly pull up detailed reports.

The Results

Staffroom has let Bergvliet High School operate as a modern school by securely centralising our school’s administration needs. It is a piece of software that has become a very necessary tool in the arsenal needed to keep a modern school running. We have appreciated the measured pace of introducing new features as a sign that Staffroom isn’t just rushing to cram in new features but that a lot of thought goes first into developing and testing new features before, they are deployed. This has also led to a very stable platform that rarely has technical issues anymore and as such can generally be relied upon in a school context.

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