Update on Infobase

Hooray for newness!

Over the past 12 months, the Staffroom team has been busy with updates and improvements. We’ve been reworking the Infobase, which is one of the older parts of the Staffroom system. We’ve been doing this in order to make Staffroom more flexible and so that it can do more of the things that our schools have been asking for!

The good news is that we’ll be releasing the first part of these updates later this week (12th of February 2021). The first release is an update to the student profile to make it much more flexible. You can read more about the new flexible customisable student profiles here:

The changes to the student profiles are the first installment of changes that will include customisable online applications and customisable student profiles on the InTouch portal. They are also the first piece of work which will ultimately bring a complete upgrade to the Infobase; and include much of the fantastic feedback that everyone has been giving us over the past few years.

As with all changes, you and other staff at your school may find issues or have questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team (support@mystaffroom.net / +27 (0) 87 095 3444) they will be happy to help!